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Frequently Asked Questions

Supervision - Quality control starts with supervision. Since Blue Sky Cleaning is a family-owned and operated business, ownership is present daily to ensure the highest level of quality.


Daily Log Books - Your site will be provided with a daily log book. The purpose of the daily log book is to provide an easy and effective means of daily communication. You simply list any issues or comments that you may have in the daily log and supervisory personnel will respond daily so your concerns are met head-on and resolved.


Damage Procedures - Blue Sky Cleaning associates are required to immediately report any damage or problems. You will either be contacted in person or a message will be left for you in the daily log book to keep you informed.


Accessibility - The personal cell phone of the owner / supervisor will be given to you so your concerns and emergencies can be addressed immediately, easily and appropriately.


Quality Review - You will find at Blue Sky Cleaning, our owner / supervisors are always available because everyone is happiest when the lines of communication remain open. Sometimes it just helps to set aside time to focus on a topic without interruptions, so we recommend annual reviews to discuss the positives, address any negatives and properly understand your desires regarding the cleaning services.


Honesty and Integrity - A company is only as good as its people. Honesty and integrity are our first priority. Our hiring practices are your hiring practices. We employ quality people who do quality work. 


Quality and Training - Both quality and safety begin with good training. Training is our priority.


Security - Professionalism and Security are your concern and ours. We require an initial meeting with you to specifically discuss your security issues. Your security concerns and procedures provide the basis of our security training.


Insurance and Bonding - All our personnel are fully bonded and insured.


We clean so you don't have to! Contact Us for a customized quote for your facility.


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