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At Blue Sky Cleaning, we want you to notice a dramatic difference in your facility right from the start. Perhaps more importantly, we want you to experience a level of personal care and integrity in your cleaning staff that you would expect and that will put your mind at ease. Our people, our attention to detail and our quality of service is why we continue to grow. 


We work hard - because you work hard.


Below is a sample of the range of cleaning services. If your facility needs something you do not see listed, just ask.

Contact us for a free quote specific to the cleaning needs of your high rise.

General Cleaning Services

  • Sweep and damp mop all floors

  • Vacuum all carpets and area rugs

  • Dust doors, light switches and spot clean glass partitions

  • Dust and clean desks

  • Clean reception areas

  • Dust baseboards

  • Damp wipe window ledges

  • Clean mirrors, picture frames

  • Empty waste containers

  • Remove garbage to the designated area of the building

  • Bathrooms:

    • Spot clean wall tiles

    • Sweep and mop resilient floors

    • Sanitize countertops/sinks

    • Polish all metal items such as faucets and handles

    • Empty disposal receptacles

    • Clean all glass surfaces, mirrors and picture frames

    • Clean and sanitize all toilet bowls

    • Refill toilet tissue, soap and towel dispensers

  • Kitchens:

    • Sanitize sink and counter tops

    • Re-bag garbage container 

    • All appliances are cleaned on the exterior

    • Empty dishwasher, if necessary

    • Sweep and damp mop floors

  • Lobby:

    • Dust and clean glass surfaces for fingerprints (inside)

    • Sweep and damp mop floors

    • ​Vacuum rugs and carpets

  • Elevators

    • Vacuum or mop floor and clean handrails

    • Spot clean walls


Please note this is only a sample of our services. Contact Us for a quote specific to your needs. 


Flooring Services


  • Carpet cleaning

  • Floor scrubbing

  • Floor buffing

  • Floor strip and wax


Please note this is only a sample of our services. Contact Us for a quote specific to your needs.

General Cleaning
Flooring Services
Construction Cleaning

We provide final cleaning before tenants move in to occupy the space.


Contact Us for a quote specific to your needs.

Construction Cleaning
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